Ponderosa Breeze
The musical group, Ponderosa Breeze, performs their own
brand of Original Oregon music.
Created in the wilds of the Rogue River country, their
music flows like the river itself, wild and savage, yet can
become cool, calm and very inviting at times. A typical
Ponderosa Breeze performance will include, hard rockin
numbers, pop melodies, introspective ballads and even
tender love songs, all neatly combined to create a show
full of good clean fun and exciting entertainment. A strong
work ethic, professional attitude, along with their
exceptional talent, all add up to make Ponderosa Breeze a
perfect fit for most musical venues! Keep an ear out for
plenty of exciting new music from Ponderosa Breeze to
follow in the near future!
Larry West (lead guitar, vocals)began playing music
soon after he got his first guitar from Santa Claus. He
started playing in bands around the age of 12. During the
60's, he was giging around Frisco in a band called The
Mystery Trend, and hanging with the likes of The Great
Society,The Greateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Big
Brother, The Charlatans and Moby Grape. He began
writing his own songs around this time. Eventually the
psychedelic mayhem became a bit too much, and he found
his way to Southern Oregon, and settled into a more
organic lifestyle in the hills of the Rogue River Valley. He
continued to write music, joined Southern Oregon
Songwriters' Assoc. and played in several local bands
over the years, including, Gold Coach Express, Full
Measure, Roger Bradshaw's Rockhounds, Return To Zero,
The Franklyn Jonez Band and Hired Gun. Larry's
influences range from Hank to Hendrix, with plenty of Neil
Young, Rolling Stones and The Beatles thrown into the
Franklin Jonez(Slide and rhythm guitar, banjo, vocals)
has been writing songs since the age of 15. His smooth
singing and inspirational guitar playing are a pleasure to
hear as he takes one on a journey of melodic sound and
penetrating emotion. Franklin has been with acts that
shared  the stage with B. B. King, Robin Ford, Etta James
and many others

Gus Johnson (keys and vocals) is a founding member
of Southern Oregon Songwriter's Assoc. and former
sound engineer for Hired Gun. As a long time friend and
musical collaborator of Franklin and Larry, he was a
natural choice to complete the group.
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